Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Stork Nest

We all know the Birds Nest from the Beijing Olympics - and if not here. Well this is a different structure of a similar name.  Build in the Czech REpublic, Stork Nest Farm features a state-of-the-art equestrian center and conference facility.  SGL Projekt were approached to design a space that could not only be used as a riding ring but also a space for staff training and horse breeding during the colder months.  As some of you might know I have a passion for horses (see post on Equestrian Elegance and Pinterest Board) and so when I came across this article I just had to share.

The exterior cladding of the building is a sculpture made from oak logs, giving the area it's stork nest appearance, while the interior has translucent polycarbonate sheets acting as windows to the outside. Not only is the building incredibly interesting to look at, but also it's 8m skylight serves as a ventilation shaft for the natural airflow in the space.  This allows the temperature regulation to be driven by the natural flow of air and means that the space will never get too hot or stuffy.  Pretty perfect when you are working out!  For me it's the simplicity of the interior and the shape of the structure that draw me in - who says an arena has to be rectangular?


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  1. Beautiful! I too am crazy about equestrian type things and this is so unique


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