Friday, February 22, 2013

Shooting for the Stars

In true New York fashion people make the best of what they have, while always striving for more.  Well this apartment come mansion in TriBeCa fits that m.o. to the tee.  As we all know there isn't much room left on the island so you've got to work with what is available - enter 144 Duane Street.  This 1862 limestone building has been converted into a modern 25,000 square foot palace with a price tag just under $50 million.  Complete with private gym, roof terrace and as many skylights to watch the stars through as possible, this mega townhouse's furnishings are a little to be admired, however the bones are there for sure. Any takers?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Welcome to the 2013 Homies

Canoe Design has been nominated again by the amazing Apartment Therapy community for their Homies Award 2013 in the category of Best Home Design & Inspiration Blog.   I am so flattered and offer everyone a huge THANK YOU!

So, if you have a moment, and are so inclined to cast your in Canoe Designs favour, please visit Apartment Therapy here to sign in and cast your vote.  Voting will end on Feb 8th (tomorrow, eek!!), and although I am happy for all the votes, I really am so happy to be considered and to be in the company of so many amazing bloggers!

The house Jens Risom built

Although prefab is at the forefront of people's minds and design ideals, it is not a new, or even revolutionary phenomenon.  In 1967, danish designer Jens Risom had an A-Frame house built on Block Island, RI completely for pre-ordered parts.  Assembled on his property, this 700 square-foot holiday home housed everything one could need, including furniture designed by Risom himself. At a time where prefab equalled boring, this little cottage proved everyone wrong using materials, forms and the elements of design seemingly lost on the other such homes of the time.  Originally showcased in Life, and recently published in Dwell, this escape  as a homage to the now 97-year-old Risom and his influence on the design world as we know it.  

Dwell Magazine - Foto + Warner Photography

Friday, February 1, 2013

Gentle Giants at Sea

Sharks have forever fascinated me. I have been a recreational diver since I was little and I remember the first time I was underwater with a shark like it was yesterday – seeing this reef shark move past us with grace and ease took my breath away.  They are truly magnificent creatures that are so misunderstood by society and anything we can do to protect them , so when the images of a recent photo shoot with whale sharks came to me I just had to share.  Environmental photographer Shawn Heinrichs has captured the incredible grace of these gentil giants posing with models in the Philipines to help bring awareness to them and their docile nature. Crossing my fingers for the day I can dive with these magnificent creatures.


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