Monday, April 30, 2012

Inspired By

Spring!  My post yesterday got me to thinking about this transition of seasons we are experiencing.  I am not a frilly girly girl, but there is something too wonderfully whimsical about spring that it evoques all these happy, warm feelings in me to ignore.  I love the warmth of the sun, the blue of the sky and the fresh start to a new and brighter season - it just makes me nostalgic and excited for the year ahead (I know, it’s May, but still, this is really where the year feels like it starts for me)! What inspires you about spring? Are you looking forward to the warm summer weather just around the corner or are you more of a winter person?  

Pastel Nails

Endless Blossoms

Roof Terraces

A Fresh Herb Garden

Bright Home Accessories

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring is in the Air

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  The sun has been shining here in Manhattan and we have really enjoyed spending the weekend out and about in the city.  I wanted to share some of my latest pins for spring with you.  As the weather is getting warmer and the sun shines brighter I think of spring herbs, cottage life, bringing the outdoors in and bright fresh interiors.  

Hope you all enjoy and you can find all these images through my pinterest account here.

A x

Friday, April 27, 2012

Furniture Fridays

Happy Friday all and welcome to the wonderful feature that is Furniture Fridays!  Today we are joined by the lovely Emily from Emily Loves.  Although Em isn't a designer, she is one of the reasons that I got involved in this whole blogging world and so it means a lot to me that she is guest posting here today.  She helped us with the organisation and execution of our wedding last summer and is always on point with fashion, make-up and everything stylish. Please join me in welcoming Em, and I highly suggest checking out her blog for all her tricks and recommendations - thanks Em!

Happy Friday Loves!  Can I just tell you how excited I was when Anna asked if I'd like to write a post for her Furniture Friday feature!  I am not a designer, by trade or by nature, nor do I know any of the industry lingo.  However, what I do know is how furniture makes me feel.  That feeling is usually how I decide to purchase, pin or even like an item.  I knew as soon as I read the email from Anna that the piece of furniture I would talk about is the vanity.  Having the space for a vanity table is the peak of luxury in my mind.  I lived in residence all through university and now find myself in the tiniest apartment possible, meaning that there just isn't the space for such a, ahem, vain item.  My mum inherited a beautiful old vanity from her dad while I was away at school and for the four months I lived at home post-graduation I was spoiled enough to have it in my room.  Now I check Kijiji and Craigslist on a weekly basis just in case a really great antique vanity comes available that I can purchase and store for my future home.  

From the ornate. . . via my pinterest via Decorista 

to the simple. . . . via Whiteberry 

to the rustic. . . I love them all!  via Whiteberry 

White is my current favourite look, but a dark stained wood is also beautiful.  Oh, how a girl can dream!

Do you own a vanity?


Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Stork Nest

We all know the Birds Nest from the Beijing Olympics - and if not here. Well this is a different structure of a similar name.  Build in the Czech REpublic, Stork Nest Farm features a state-of-the-art equestrian center and conference facility.  SGL Projekt were approached to design a space that could not only be used as a riding ring but also a space for staff training and horse breeding during the colder months.  As some of you might know I have a passion for horses (see post on Equestrian Elegance and Pinterest Board) and so when I came across this article I just had to share.

The exterior cladding of the building is a sculpture made from oak logs, giving the area it's stork nest appearance, while the interior has translucent polycarbonate sheets acting as windows to the outside. Not only is the building incredibly interesting to look at, but also it's 8m skylight serves as a ventilation shaft for the natural airflow in the space.  This allows the temperature regulation to be driven by the natural flow of air and means that the space will never get too hot or stuffy.  Pretty perfect when you are working out!  For me it's the simplicity of the interior and the shape of the structure that draw me in - who says an arena has to be rectangular?


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The New Face of Coal

When I think of coal the first things that come to my mind are dirty, dangerous mining conditions, environmental disaster and maybe Zoolander.  Well, we can now add furniture to last list - and beautiful furniture at that.  Ohio born artist and industrial designer Jim Zivic has reinvented the way we are going to look at coal forever.  Each piece is made and carved from Anthracite coal - pure carbon not charcoal - and seeing as no two pieces are the same, Zivic allows the shape and texture of the blocks to help dictate what shape the finished product will hold.  His collection is sold through Ralph Pucci here in the US and consists of honed, polished or even pewter poured tables (see images below). I love the organic form, the visible history of each block and the depth of colour that each piece holds.  These truly make amazing accent pieces, and although the price tag isn't cheap (think many zeros) they are sure to act as a feature in any space. What do you think? Nice idea or gimmick?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Las Piedras Fasano

On a hill in Punta del Este Uruguay lies the incredible Las Piedras Lasano hotel.  Simple, elegant and all about the views this hotel really is all about escaping from ones every day reality.  Architecturally this hotel is does exactly what it is supposed to - lead the visitor to framed portraits of the horizon - spiritually the architecture does much more.  These simple concrete structures just took my breath away as they are with minimal details between materials making the space uncomplicated and inspiring. With rough clad exteriors, these little "boxes" leave the warmth of material and finish to the interiors. This creates an inviting space that makes you enjoy your stay and leads ones eye to the colour of the view outside.  

Designed by Isay Weinfeld, Las Piedras has been created on a site where there was an existing residence built into the rocks of the hillside. The main reception building and pool are now housed in this original structure, and the materiality of this original building directed the tone and aesthetic of the additions. The endless views (check out the widow off the pool) and Big Sky really help to make Las Piedras a little piece of heaven and help add it to my list of paradise holiday locations. Wanna go?

All photos courtesy of YatzerFernando Guerra, FG+SG Architectural Photography

Monday, April 23, 2012

Inspired By

Thank you! Well a big Happy Monday to everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend - get up to anything fun and exciting? We had a nice weekend with beautiful weather on Saturday allowing us to spend most of the day in Central Park, and then yesterday, although it was raining we had a great brunch at a New York hot spot (see post here), and now it's time for a new week! I have lots to catch-up on in the office following my travel last week but I wanted to start off my blogging week with a huge THANK YOU to all my readers and followers.  

While I was away the viewcount on Canoe Design hit 20K, and since then has leapt up again and so for my Inspired By post this Monday, I wanted to feature some of my favorite Thank You cards as a visual thanks to all of you.  I get such pleasure out of this blog and sharing everything I love about Architecture, Interiors and the World of Design and am humbled by all of your comments, continued readership and support.  So I dedicate this post to all of you.

A x

* All these Thank You cards are available from Etsy artists and can be purchased if you are so inspired!


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