Monday, April 16, 2012

Inspired By

Kelly Wearstler!  As you know I am a fan of the incredibly innovative work that Ms. Wearstler puts out (see post here), and her eye for pattern and colours is one which I love referencing, so when I heard that she was launching a second collection for Groundworks at Lee Jofa I couldn't resist.  Her first collection was everything one could expect - glamorous with bold prints and colours - and followers do not be disappointed because this one is just as great.  The patterns are more modern, the colours and tones would work with any scheme, and the collection has a great, current feel.  Whether used as the base for a project, or a accents in a room, these fabrics will be a perfect addition to any scheme and I cannot wait to bring them in to our work.  What do you think about this collection? Are you inspired?

Photos courtesy of Groundworks

On a side note, I am going to be travelling for work for the next few days (very exciting, yet super busy!!) and while I will do all I can to be blogging, twitter is the best way for me to be connected on the  road. Look forward to staying in touch! 
A x


  1. Oh I like those black and white prints - I could even see them on a dress!


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