Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The New Face of Coal

When I think of coal the first things that come to my mind are dirty, dangerous mining conditions, environmental disaster and maybe Zoolander.  Well, we can now add furniture to last list - and beautiful furniture at that.  Ohio born artist and industrial designer Jim Zivic has reinvented the way we are going to look at coal forever.  Each piece is made and carved from Anthracite coal - pure carbon not charcoal - and seeing as no two pieces are the same, Zivic allows the shape and texture of the blocks to help dictate what shape the finished product will hold.  His collection is sold through Ralph Pucci here in the US and consists of honed, polished or even pewter poured tables (see images below). I love the organic form, the visible history of each block and the depth of colour that each piece holds.  These truly make amazing accent pieces, and although the price tag isn't cheap (think many zeros) they are sure to act as a feature in any space. What do you think? Nice idea or gimmick?


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