Monday, April 23, 2012

Inspired By

Thank you! Well a big Happy Monday to everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend - get up to anything fun and exciting? We had a nice weekend with beautiful weather on Saturday allowing us to spend most of the day in Central Park, and then yesterday, although it was raining we had a great brunch at a New York hot spot (see post here), and now it's time for a new week! I have lots to catch-up on in the office following my travel last week but I wanted to start off my blogging week with a huge THANK YOU to all my readers and followers.  

While I was away the viewcount on Canoe Design hit 20K, and since then has leapt up again and so for my Inspired By post this Monday, I wanted to feature some of my favorite Thank You cards as a visual thanks to all of you.  I get such pleasure out of this blog and sharing everything I love about Architecture, Interiors and the World of Design and am humbled by all of your comments, continued readership and support.  So I dedicate this post to all of you.

A x

* All these Thank You cards are available from Etsy artists and can be purchased if you are so inspired!


  1. And a huge THANK YOU back to you, dear Anna, for writing this amazing and truly inspiring blog. :)
    I love dropping here!

    Warm regards all the way to NY.

    Lysann x

  2. Thank you so much, Anna! I am so thrilled to be featured on your's fabulous!
    Happy Monday!
    Theresa (aka

  3. Thank you for featuring us with these other creative card makers! Lovely blog.


  4. Nothing like good old thank you cards! Happy Monday!


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