Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Isabel Lopez-Quesada

A couple of weeks ago I posted on this amazing house that I read about in AD (see post here). It is a converted factory in Madrid and is the lovely home of designer Isabel Lopez-Quesada.  As with many of the articles I read in AD and on other blogs I am always inspired and excited to learn about new designers. Not only is her home stunning, but also the rest of Lopez-Quesada's portfolio is sublime. Her projects seem to be mainly residential, and as with her personal project, the interiors feature a wonderful mix of eclectic fabrics, unique furniture and a keen eye for detail.  I really enjoyed looking through her entire portfolio and blog and just love the homely sense you get from each project - designed and styled, but not overly so, and they feel like people live there.  I highly recommend taking a look – and sneak a peek at the art on the walls, there are some incredible pieces!


  1. Great post and great blog! I will constantly follow you to improve my interior design knowledge!
    Ciao. Michela

    1. Michela, thank you for the very kind words. I am glad to inspire anywhere I can!!

  2. I really like that last space. Thanks for sharing!


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