Thursday, April 12, 2012

Master of Modernism

The incredible Villa Tugendhat in Brno, Czech Republic has undergone a complete restoration and it couldn't look any better.  Designed in 1929/30 by Mies van der Rohe this building has had an interesting history - it was used as a Nazi headquarter in the second world war, a Russian horse stable, a rehabilitation centre and a dance studio. It has taken almost two years and 7 million Euro to restore its glory, but what a wonderful example of modernist architecture.  Details characteristic of Mies are found throughout - walls clad in stone and timber, simple ironmongery and clean steel details.  While this was a painstaking restoration process with pieces of the original house tracked down all over the country, the building is now open to the public and I would love to have a look.  Mies was a revolutionary thinker pushing the details and engineering far beyond what was common and possible at the time. This house is stunning and I am thankful for the preservation efforts that brought it back to the light a modern master had constructed. 

All Photos courtesy of Luxury Culture - Photographer David Zidlicky


  1. I love how fresh and current his furniture and architecture are - not dated at all. There are a few of his high rises in Toronto where I used to live (my husband worked in one) and they are inspiring to see.

    And of course the Barcelona chairs - 80 odd years old and still stylish.

    1. I totally agree and know that building well - the travertine lobby is incredible!

  2. Mies was just an architectural genius, indeed! His way of how to design and how to use a space, the way the furniture are built in and how they became a part of the architecture - are incredible great! Perfection up to the detail.

    Thanks so much for sharing these images.

  3. How great are those green Barca chairs?!


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