Friday, August 31, 2012

Furniture Fridays

Hi everyone and welcome to another wonderful edition of Furniture Fridays! Today I am beyond words (I know, a little difficult for a blogger) excited to have Cassandra with us to share her favourite furniture! For those of you not familiar with Cassandra's achievements, she is the creative mind behind the wildly successful blog coco+kelly, she is one of the voices of Rue Magazine, and for those of you who are fashionista's she has also been part of Gap's campaign with Rue. Thanks for joining us this week Cassandra!   

It's hard to imagine choosing one piece of historic or iconic furniture to count as a favorite. Many other guests in Anna's fantastic Furniture Friday series have chosen a few that popped into my head as first options (the Saarinen Tulip table and X-bench both came to mind). But as I took some more time to really think about, I quickly narrowed myself down to one area of design that consistently speaks to me - the Campaign Style. 

All furniture via 1st Dibs

I find the very concept of this furniture historically romantic, which may be part of the charm. Originally designed to easily fold up and then reassemble for traveling armies, these pieces had to be strong and functional to fulfill their purpose. However, they were also created to be comfortable and beautiful to make the British officers feel a little bit of luxury (no doubt affiliated with their status as well) while traveling away from home. As such, these pieces encompass everything I look for in furniture today - the ability to withstand wear and time and even some travel, while being aesthetically pleasing and cozy. 

Of all the pieces that I've seen, however, it's the campaign dresser that truly sticks in my mind as an iconic piece... 

Images: 1. innovative interior 2. etsy 3. lonny 4. one kings lane

Whether old or new, we've seen this dresser been given new life in the past few years with bright, lacquered surfaces and updated hardware (personally, I prefer the traditional brass to the nickel). The style continues to insert itself seamlessly into modern day decor, and I myself have a version of this dresser in my own bedroom - it's a very Dorothy Draper meets Campaign style piece, and I absolutely adore it. To me, the simple lines but stunning details make this a piece that definitely deserves icon status! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lee Broom

I have been searching for inspiration on a new project here in the city, and when I am stuck I always find myself heading back to old faithfuls that I know will shed some new ideas.  This time is no exception, and what I have found has inspired me indeed. UK based  Lee Broom has an eye for design, detail and materiality that really pushes the envelope. He has a new series of lights (well bulbs) that I think are just incredible.  The idea of clustering many different drop fittings together is nothing new, however what Lee has done is change the bulb! Like a filament bulb the source is the fitting, but with these you get a little sparkle and glamour while still keeping the fitting as simple and uncomplicated as possible. LOVE! 

This lamp is another of my favourites. Again, he has taken a tile and changed the way we look at it.  Creating large-scale table lamps out of different tile components. I think that these would jazz up any space and help to add a little texture!

And although I wanted to focus on lighting I couldn't do a post without including one of my favorite pieces of furniture - The Carpetry Sideboard. Drawing it's inspiration from Persian rugs, this collection put a modern twist with it's more muted color patelle and re-interpretation of pattern.  

 All photographs courtesy of Lee Broom 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Inspired By

the Olympics!  Well, Olympic fever has been and gone and I have to say that I miss it! the Paralympics start in a couple of days and so there is another chance for a little more heathy athletic competition. I feel that with our trip to London, and the opportunity that we had to attend some Olympic events, we made the most of it and really got into the Olympic spirit.  How about you?  It was be great to be back in London  (see posts on eating and drinking) seeing as we had not been back since moving away over a year ago. I really feel that the metals of the Olympics are amazing in any interior, and whether home accessories, furniture or interior details all three make perfect additions to any interior and help us all feel a little more decorated.  In honour of this wonderful sporting event and our upcoming trip I have been inspired by all things Gold, Silver and Bronze!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Furniture Fridays

Happy Furniture Friday everyone.  Today is a busy day for me as we are moving (cannot believe we have been in New York for a year!), and I am so happy to have Dionne from Dionne Designs with us to share her fav piece (and what a great one it is!). Dionne is the creative mind behind this wonderful blog, and she also runs her own design consultancy Dionne Trifiro Design LLC.  Thank you so much for being with us today and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

I was so excited to be asked by Anna to contribute to Furniture Fridays, scanning past posts I saw many classic pieces of furniture that I truly love. I was secretly glad that no one had yet featured the Apothecary cabinet!

Via Veranda & 'The New Traditional' by Darryl Carter. 
Photograph by Gordon Beall 

Via Veranda & 'The New Traditional' by Darryl Carter. 
Photograph by Gordon Beall.

Apothecary cabinets were used in the 18th & 19th century by pharmacists and physicians and were designed to store medications and medical accessories, hence the multiple drawers. Sometimes there can be up to 50 drawers making this piece of furniture not only interesting to look at but also functional. I confess to being a symmetry maniac, which is possibly why I am attracted to this equally spaced, perfectly sized, drawer filled cabinet.

I would love to use it as a free standing piece of furniture in a kitchen design, it can help break up the monotony of wall to wall fitted cabinets by introducing a different style and a new material. Many have a space for labels on each drawer front so remembering where you put your kebab skewers is easy! Adding a hanging pot rack above can create a nice practical vignette.

I really like that they are available in so many finishes and wood species and that the design is so simple that it can be placed in any room in the home; as shown above in a sitting room or dining room. Smaller ones can be a useful storage solution for a bathroom which as we all know is a room always desperate for organization.

A favorite of mine has to be the Asian apothecary, the patina'd cherry red lacquer would make an impact in any foyer and as a additional bonus great for holding mail, leashes and keys.

Put two together.

Make your own labels.

Via Elle Decor

Unusual wall cabinet. (LOVE the lamps!)

Via Being-red

Kitchen storage.

Thank you Anna for having me guest post, it truly is a pleasure.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hempel's Paradise at Sea

Eclectic Interior Designer and boutique Hotelier Anouska Hempel has cast her net beyond the luxuries of London and has completed a truly stunning yacht.  The 'Beluga One' is an incredible Turkish Gulet that has been completely transformed into a paradise on the water.  With natural timbers, stripes and dark tones, Hempel's sensibilities come through on this 28 meter aquatic oasis.  While I cannot usually relate to a lot of her work, I find myself strangely mesmerised by this boat - not sure whether it is because for me, and escape at sea should be completely removed from anything you know, or whether it is because the detail and interaction of materials is so refined, however I really enjoy this boat.  So, if any of you are looking for thoughts on your next break, perhaps a tour of the Mediterranean would be in the cards aboard this whimsical vessel.


All photos courtesy of Luxury Culture

Friday, August 17, 2012

Furniture Fridays

Hi all, and welcome back to Furniture Fridays! I am sorry to have taken a little break, but we are back in full swing and have some great posts coming your way.  I am so excited to have been (re) started-off by Dawna from Dawna Jones Design - a stunning design company and blog.  Dawna has a great eye for design, details and her posts are a fresh insight into the world of Interior Design and Architecture.  Please join me in welcoming her and stop by her site to have a look!

Hi everyone, When Anna asked me to participate in furniture Friday I didn't have to think for long about what favorite piece of icon furniture I would love and long to own, Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona daybed.


 This piece was added to the collection in 1930 a year after the chair and stool,but it didn't gain popularity until the famous architect Philip Johnson purchased it for his NY apartment. Today it is still enjoying a good dose of popularity due to the simplicity in shape and form,which is why I am so in love with this piece. The Barcelona daybed can fit into any decor and in any room in the house where there is space, and is not just meant for modern interiors. It looks great and plays well with other pieces from different time periods and adds that chic sexy element to a room,and yet because the structure of this daybed is so pure and simple it can stand on it's own in a room with nothing more then itself. The only downside I can see to having this piece is what color to choose it in!    


 (All images via

Thursday, August 16, 2012

London Town Part 2 - Drinking

I cannot believe that I have been back from London for over a week - time just seems to fly by! As I mentioned here we seem to have eaten our way through the city discovering some great new places as well as visiting some old favourites.  We also had some great nights out with a couple of pints and cocktails, but there was one place in particular that stands out and is a MUST for all those either in or heading to the great city - Purl.  Down some tiny little steps on a quiet street in Marylebone, this cocktail bar tickled all our senses.  The space is incredible with rooms hidden away in the vaults under the street in a maze that makes the place seem huge but also tiny.  We sat in a room (image below) and explored the cocktail menu which consisted of drinks garnished with lemon infused balloons, foamed paprika and many other details to tickle all your senses while you drank.  Each cocktail is a super creative concoction which should not be missed, and the speakeasy era interior adds to the experience. Cheers!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On the Road Again

Another week, another city! I find myself in LA this week for work and am totally thrown by the time difference - I keep forgetting how large this country is and just zipping across to the West Coast means a 5 hour flight and 3 hour time difference.  I'm also only here for 3 days so I am trying to stay on East Coast time as much as I can.  We have been quite lucky to be able to stay in Santa Monica at the Viceroy and it does help make the long days on site a little sweeter.  Designed by Kelly Wearstler, the hotel is chic, creative and well tailored.  The thing I love most about Ms. Wearstler is her ability to find great one-off pieces.  Sure it is a hotel and there are many things made in mass quantities to fill the rooms and public areas, however there are also amazing unique pieces (see the stunning alabaster lamps on the reception desk two images below) that help give the hotel a finished feel that takes it miles above your expectations.  This is the first Wearstler designed hotels i have stayed in, but sincerely hope it is not the last!

All photos courtesy of Viceroy Hotels

Monday, August 13, 2012

Inspired By

Shipping containers! I was watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics last night and it brought back memories of my time in London and our visit to the Olympics (stay tuned for a post - promise it is coming soon).  One of the things that I loved most about these Olympics is London's push for a 'Green Games'.  With many of their venues being either temporary or reducible in size following the games, it was really great to see that there has been real thought put unto the sustainability of these facilities once the games were over.  Even the BBC commentary studios (pictured above) were made of shipping containers which can be dismounted once no longer needed.  There has been a great push over the past few years to repurpose shipping containers and turn them into housing, retail or commercial spaces.  I have put together a collection below of my favorites from a small weekend getaway (blue container below), to the Freitag tower in Zurich or the Camp Cinco structures (brown structures below) it really is incredibly inspiring what we can create and how the boundaries can be pushed with such a simple structure. Happy Monday all, Enjoy!


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