Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Las Piedras Fasano

On a hill in Punta del Este Uruguay lies the incredible Las Piedras Lasano hotel.  Simple, elegant and all about the views this hotel really is all about escaping from ones every day reality.  Architecturally this hotel is does exactly what it is supposed to - lead the visitor to framed portraits of the horizon - spiritually the architecture does much more.  These simple concrete structures just took my breath away as they are with minimal details between materials making the space uncomplicated and inspiring. With rough clad exteriors, these little "boxes" leave the warmth of material and finish to the interiors. This creates an inviting space that makes you enjoy your stay and leads ones eye to the colour of the view outside.  

Designed by Isay Weinfeld, Las Piedras has been created on a site where there was an existing residence built into the rocks of the hillside. The main reception building and pool are now housed in this original structure, and the materiality of this original building directed the tone and aesthetic of the additions. The endless views (check out the widow off the pool) and Big Sky really help to make Las Piedras a little piece of heaven and help add it to my list of paradise holiday locations. Wanna go?

All photos courtesy of YatzerFernando Guerra, FG+SG Architectural Photography


  1. Yes, I would love to go. That pool area is really unique. Doesn't it almost look like alien structures when you see modern buildings in the middle of a big field?

  2. I totally agree - there is something so alien and strange to see concrete cubes on a green horizon. With that being said I love the contrast of materials and textures!!

  3. Looking forward to a monograph about the work of Isay Weinfeld, whose work has been appearing in the French AD, and defies categorization. The woods he uses and the way he details them is evocative of modern Scandinavian design. Fascinating.


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