Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New life, New York

One of the greatest things about being new to New York is discovering everything for the first time - restaurants, shops, neighborhoods and buildings.  As with my post on the Flowerbox Building there are some absolutely incredible spaces and places in this city that I am continually inspired by.  That's why when I stated reading about the apartment of Brad Goldfarb and Alfredo Paredes I was hooked.  Paredes is one of the heads of the design team at Ralph Lauren Home and he has created a modern, interesting and timeless apartment in the East Village.  Originally a hospital in the 20s, when they visited the space the couple was taken by its amazing architectural bones and knew that they could not only get rid of the bad 80s vibe it had, but they could breathe new life into this piece of history.  The 2,500 square foot space has a warm and bright feeling, and with the large arched doors leading on to the terrace (image 1 below) one could almost think they were in California.  The aesthetic is one that I am partial to - raw natural materials, an eclectic yet realistic use of furniture and a real sense that this is someone’s home, not showcase.  Hope you all enjoy as much as I do.

* The apartment was in the last issue of AD and it is worth a read as Brad Goldfarb is a writer and has written the article himself.  Available here online.   

All photos courtesy of Architectural Digest

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  1. Oh my goodness, that bathtub is almost TOO MUCH. Notice I said "almost"


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