Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lovely Leather

I think that leather makes the perfect addition for most interior details.  It is warm, elegant, durable and the patina that it acquires over time only make the material and finish look better. I have been researching some simple yet visually interesting interior details for a project I am working on, and have put together a selection of interior leather details to make your heart swoon.

Leather Handrails
This has probably got to be my favourite leather detail application. I love the warmth that you feel on your hand when you grab it walking down the stairs, and the simplicity of the wrapping is not only functional but aesthetically looks great.

Leather Wall Tiles
It has become a very popular interior feature to have leather wall and flooring tiles.  While I love the look of them I am more partial to wall tiles and I do not think leather makes a great floor surface - impossible to clean and scratches very easily. The two scales below are great, whether used to cover an entire wall or partial wall as a headboard in the image on the right.

Leather Wrapped Drawers & Doors
When we stayed at the One & Only in Cape town (see post here) we had a beautiful walnut dressing area and the fronts of each drawer were covered in a subtle yellow leather - it was beautiful! I love the image below as it gives a good idea of the variance in colour that one has from hide to hide, and that it isn't a bad thing. I also really like how you can see the leather stitching in the first image and in the second image they have chosen to hide it with some studded nail-heads - as a designer the details are up to us!

Leather Furniture & Accessories
Spanish workshop Sol&Luna have made it their business to wrap anything and everything in a lovely caramel leather (they do a darker leather as well but not as common). Mostly they wrap furniture, however there is a great section on their website filled with accessories they have wrapped (it even includes a bicycle and gardening tools) - well worth a look and possible gift ideas??


  1. Leather wall panels, I have never seen those but am really digging that concept

    1. Yeah, I really love them because they help with the acoustic in the room and add an extra depth and warmness to the walls.

  2. ooo, love the leather handrail, fabulous!
    x kat


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