Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The NoMad

I have been on a little bit of a whirlwind for work over the past few days - Monday night in Aspen and Tuesday night in LA, so I feel like I have had my fill of hotel rooms for the next little while.  So, when I came across the new NoMad hotel by Jacques Garcia in New York I thought that maybe it wouldn't be so bad to go home and stay in a hotel.  He is one of my favorite designers and had created a hotel that really makes you feel like home - something I have discovered is crucial when on the road.  Housed in a beaux-arts building, this hotel is chic and elegant with luxurious materials, bold prints and furnishings.  Each one of the rooms has a unique feel with residential furnishings and features and to me.  I will have to head down and take a look as this is one interior I don't want to miss...and that bar looks like it would be perfect for my Quintessential series...Love!

All Photos courtesy of Yatzer


  1. Great post about a surely great hotel. Definitely would love to spend there a night or two. The bathrooms are gorgeous as well as the design in general, of course. Thanks for sharing!

    Sounds you have a quite exciting time right now. I'm really happy for you :)

    Have a lovely day back in NY.
    Lysann x

  2. You have made some good points. I did a search on the furniture and found most people will agree with you.


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