Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flowerbox Building

As you know I lived in London until about seven months ago when my husband and I moved to NYC.   Since then we have been discovering all the amazing things this city has to offer and my obsession as of late is the Flowerbox building in the East Village.  Built by SoHo-based architect Derek Sanders the building is a mid-rise concrete structure with large-spanning steel windows. What I love, and its unique feature, is that the building has the most incredible external flower boxes running like horizontal gardens across the facade. 

Each apartment is a duplex, with most of the living rooms having incredible 1.5 height or higher windows that face south, adding to the light and bright feel of the apartments.  One apartment in particular has been getting a lot of press. Designed by Manhattan studio Pulltab Design, the apartment is perfectly planned with built-in tables that fold down from the millwork (see image below). The furnishings are light, modern and work with the clean light architecture of the space. 

I love how they have brought the theme of greenery and gardens from outside to inside with a living wall running between the kitchen and the living room. The bright green against the white of the surrounding walls, the timber handrail and dark grey slate floor makes a beautiful palette not only inspired by nature but actually made from nature.

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  1. That's really quite lovely, bringing the greenery in. I love the stairs too


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