Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspired By

Pattern & Colour! I was reading through my book David Hicks : Designer last week and although I have inspected its pages several times before am still as inspired by his work as I was the first time. 

David Hicks was a British designer who used bold colours and patterns in his interiors: A very interesting mix of antiques and contemporary art and furnishings, creating very unique interiors.  Recently there was a re-introduction of his patterns with wallpaper by Cole & Son and carpets by Stark (see first two images below).  More and more we are seeing designers embrace colour and pattern in their interiors, creating some truly wonderful - albeit eclectic - spaces.  I enjoy seeing patterns and colours being mixed in all avenues of design (hot pink and orange anyone?) and with the right placement they can create a tasteful and timeless interior.  Do you like patterns? How do you think they work in a space, and can where can one draw the line of tasteful versus over-the-top?

Interestingly people have compared Kelly Wearstler to a modern David Hicks, and I can see the similarities.  Her interiors are bright, full of pattern and feature an eclectic mix of furnishings combined with colour and texture. What are your thoughts? How does she stand up to his work?


  1. these patterns are amazing. some of the larger patterns remind me of my grandmother's hallway a bit, but when mixed with the bright colours of hicks they look stunning.

    the first blue bathroom is great.

  2. Love KW's work with texture particularly in fabric, but for choices of art and color, David Hicks is still supreme


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