Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moorish Love

Moorish style is an aesthetic that I am truly fascinated with. There is an attention to detail and a methodical working out of these details that I think is stunning.  The ornate aesthetic is full of colour, pattern and texture brought to life by natural materials. Whether it is with a subtle hint (the shape of a doorframe) or more obvious detailing (a mosaic wall or mashrabiya panel) there is a timeless elegance to it that I love. I have done some work in the middle east and was always fascinated by this incredible aesthetic and do hope you enjoy the selection of images below. 



  1. How cool! I haven't looked into this style too much...but I'm liking it! I bet it would be amazing to have bits of this style in a more traditional/modern room. Hmm. You're inspiring me! Have a great day!

    Courtney Lane

  2. Fantastic post... I love the style maroccan for the house!!!


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