Monday, January 16, 2012

Inspired By

Black and White!  Such a simple and timeless combination of tones, yet the ability to create such interesting and contemporary design.  Last night Claire Danes wore this incredible black and white J. Mendel dress to the Golden Globes (see image here) and it got me to thinking about the simplicity and elegance of this combination.  Although they are oposite in "colour value" they work so wonderfully together that whether it is an interior, piece of furniture or item of clothing you are sure to get classic result.  I think that one just needs a little contrast to create a bold statement, and whether stripes, colour blocking or a complete interior, the images below are great examples of how I think these two work so well together. What about you?




  1. I love this kind of monochrome interiors. They always look simple yet chic and beautiful and an amazing canvas for just a splash of color.

    Have a lovely week, Anna.
    Lysann x

  2. I love that black and white hallway with the rounded doorways!

  3. I love the classic black and white checkerboard flooring. You see a lot in New York - like at the Minetta Tavern ( Love this place.

    great post.

  4. The art on the wall behind the bed in the Lazaro Rosa Volan project is much more interesting framed in panels with wood (or is it brass?) frames. I'm thinking that black and white schemes become more appealing when a "colour" is introduced as a relief from the rigour.


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