Friday, January 20, 2012

Furniture Fridays

Happy Furniture Fridays everyone! Today we have the lovely Anna from La Boheme with us to share her favourite piece of furniture.  I don't only love her because we share the same name, but La Boheme is full of inspiring posts on all aspects of design and Anna's insight into Interiors, Architecture, Fashion and Art is always intelligent and thoughtful. She has an amazing aesthetic and La Boheme is for sure one of my daily reads!

When Anna asked me to select my favorite piece of furniture, I went to the Danish designer Poul Kjaerholm and his PK 22 chair from 1955. There is something elegantly timeless about this chair that I am drawn to and I love the fact that it can be placed in just about any interior space, holding its own no matter the surrounding style.  Of course the combination of steel and leather balanced to detailed perfection only adds to the intrigue of what is feminine and what is masculine in this design. I think this chair fulfills both and it is this understated confidence that makes is so appealing.  

PK 22 is part of the Fritz Hansen production.


  1. a great choice!

    I love anything by Wegner...thanks for sending me over Anna...a great blog :)Hello!

  2. Ah look at all those books... now that is what I call perfection

  3. Glad to see the Danish Furniture - Have a look at Lange Production as well especially The Grashopper ;-)

    1. Just took a look at their website - stunning collection! I have seen the Grasshopper chair before but wasn't sure who it was by or it's name. Thanks!
      I am a huge fan of Danish Furniture and we have a couple of pieces by Jens Risom and plan to grow our collection even further in the future.

  4. You did well on putting this together. I did not expect this to find this today. This is a great story.


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