Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vintage Wine Jugs

This is one interior trend that I am fully on board with. I love these glass vintage wine jugs - the variety of shapes, colours, sizes. I think that they are a great addition to an interior whether they act as decoration, a vase or are converted into a lamp. 

Many interior accessory and furniture companies (like Pottery Barn and West Elm) are coming up with their new versions, however I think that the vintage finds are the best and if you are really lucky you can one that still has an original label on it (see images three and four below).  The most common size is a DemiJohn (a 15 gallon glass jug) but as the images below show, there are many different sizes and colours so start your collection with whichever style you like best.  



  1. Hello, it is so nice to have met you! I have found your blog by chance, and I could not stop reading back! Wonderful pictures and a great source of inspiration.
    I´ll be around waiting for new posts!

  2. The shades of glass are lovely. And the chandelier - genius! I just happen to have a bunch of large apothecary bottles, they would make great chandeliers...thanks for the idea:)


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