Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wall of Books

As designers we are alway striving to control our client's interior - wanting to make sure that everything is perfectly arrange, works together and looks good.  We build spaces for our clients to live and I feel that one of the best ways to see their impact on a space is the evolution of a bookcase.  There is a fine line between a space looking cluttered with overflowing bookcases and the books being an organized design feature in the space. 

The collection of images that I have put together are truly inspiring. I love the idea of having bookshelves that run floor to ceiling and actually grew up with these in our TV room (didn't appreciate it growing up, but now I see what a fantastic feature they can be, sorry mom!). Whether the shelves are just for books, or you want to incorporate accessories and frames on them, a bookshelf can be an amazing feature in any space. Do any of you have feature bookshelves in your home? What do you think about this architectural detail for a home?




  1. IT is seriously my dream to have a library in my house one day. Floor to ceiling bookshelves!

    There was a great bookcase featured in one of my magazines this month and now seeing all this goodness makes me want to build this room now! I don't remember which one (my mum and I subscribed to 10 magazines between the two of us and I can never keep them all straight!)

  2. I love bookshelves everywhere !!!
    love your blog!! check mine too :

  3. i had some friends say that books were obsolete because of online books and such. i have now linked them to this post. there is nothing quite as beautiful a wall full of books.

    1. Thank you for passing this around. I do understand that there has been a shift away from printed material, however when it comes to a lot of books (especially design books) you can't beat something tangible in your hand. We are also never going to eliminate printed books so why not embrace it and use them as a feature as above? Afterall, on a cold Sunday afternoon, what is better than picking a nice book off your selves and enjoying it and a glass of wine infront of a fire??

  4. wonderful!!! love this walls so full of life!


    Atelier Decor

  5. I LOVE a floor to ceiling bookshelf! I built one into my office. I have a bigger design magazine collection than actual book collection, but I hope to keep adding!

  6. I love bookshelves and walls and walls of books. It's like the library in Beauty and the Beast... sigh


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