Monday, January 23, 2012

Inspired By

Green! I have been interviewing for positions here in the city, and since it has been ages (like years) since I last interviewed I realised my 'power outfit' was seriously lacking so I took a little stroll to Zara.  As always their new year sale was great and I picked up a few key additions, one of which was an amazing silk emerald green top.

Green is a colour that has really come into its own and we are (thankfully) seeing more and more of.  Designers like Kelly Wearstler have been using it in their interiors for years (think chairs at the Viceroy Bar Santa Monica), and it seems as thought it is spreading through the design world. I think that if you aren't going to tie it in to the architecture - tiles, details, wallpaper - or have it as a accent in it's natural form (plant-life) then a little pop here and there is great, but too much can be overwhelming.  Do you agree?




  1. I don't understand why,but green does not get the credit it always deserves. There are so many shades of green that can inspire so many different designs.Love this post!

  2. and the pantons steal the show again... they look amazing in green. I need to get myself a set one day!

  3. Gorgeous collection of pictures! I think green is under-used in design.


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