Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stylish Winter Retreats

For me the best way to get over the winter blues is to escape to a tropical paradise (see incredible hotel post in Bali from yesterday here). However, this got me thinking about all those that love the snow, and all the activities and interiors that go with it.  I do enjoy hitting the slopes and ski chalets are definitely a highlight of the winter experience for me.  When I think of a ski chalet I think of rustic wood, animal skins and huge fireplaces. With this being said, times have changed and with more design firms trying their hand at contemporary chalets here are some incredible examples of how a winter escape can be just as stylish as city homes.



  1. And the grey pantons... :-)

  2. Love the living rooms with this amazing views - it must great to set there, with a fireplace lit and enjoy an unbelievable panorama. Love the rustic yet modern architecture.
    And the tub is gorgeous as well...

    Love. Lysann
    And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. :)

  3. Ooo, love the natural feel of some of these rooms. Thanks for sharing!

    Courtney Lane

  4. What a selection, so much natural light, how inspiring is that!!
    On another note - we absolutely have to do a meet-up in Manhattan or SF together! xoxo

  5. these are getting me in the mood for skiing!! x

  6. Curtains in the bathroom - I can just imagine drawing them at night to have a long hot bath... and love that stone fireplace!

  7. Susanne and I saw the one from Meribel when doing our research. Picture looks good but the place was creepy


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