Monday, January 9, 2012

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WINDOWS! One of the most interesting architectural details for me is the execution, materiality and aesthetic of windows.  I love how they give views out - or in - and allow people a glimpse of "what is on the other side". Whether they offer panoramic views over a city, or let light in, I feel that they are one of the most important architectural feature in any space.

As we become more and more able to manufacture glass in larger and stronger pieces, the limits to how this material is used keep getting pushed.  For me the simple slim steel or iron profile of a frame with several glass panels is still the epitome of a modernist aesthetic, and one which I love. With this being said, an entire wall of glass to let light in and views out is a thing of beauty too. What is your preference?


  1. As with everything, it all depends. I personally prefer a large pane of glass allowing no distractions of the view. Unfortunately in NY that is not always allowable and so the small, metal framed "industrial" type windows can also rock.

  2. All this talk about glass makes me think of the new apple store on 5th avenue. I wasn't convinced that replacing the glass panels for larger ones was going to make a huge difference - but I was wrong. It looks amazing.

    pics from the gothamist:

  3. Very pretty. Nice collection for us to decide which one is for us. I prefer the big, white arch window.

  4. those ones that swing would be so cool - but not practical in ontario buggy summers!

  5. I'm such an engineer sometimes. The frames that break the large glass down into smaller panes make me so happy. Geometric patterns, awesome.


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