Wednesday, January 25, 2012


One of my favourite websites when I was in London was Shootfactory - a website set up as a library of locations for film, tv or photo shoots as well as party venues.  I used it as inspiration on many projects as there are really interesting, unique spaces and you can find a concept image for really anything you are looking for.  Wouldn't you imagine my surprise when I discovered that one of my favorite newly discovered blogs 47 Park Avenue is written by the key creative minds of Shootfactory!  He has been posting on his home transformation (see post on his hall here, reception room here and en-suite here) which as you will see is an incredible representation of his stunning aesthetic.

As a result of this "small world" discovery I thought I would post some of my favorite spaces from Shootfactory for you all to drool over too. What do you think? Has anyone used one of their locations? I recognised the apartment from the movie Closer here.
London Apartment - Clapham Studio

London Apartment - Air

London House - Cadogan

London House - Hammersmith

Other House - Rochester Kent

Other House - Henley on Thames

Venues - Carousel

International Location - Stefan Antoni House, Cape Town

International Location - Ibiza 3

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  1. Another lovely post as always!
    Just a little note that I've named you for the Leibter Blog award.

    And you can see the link here:
    x kat


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