Monday, February 13, 2012

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The Grammy's! Well, we are in full swing of this years Award Season, and last night was the biggest night for the music industry with the grammy awards.  The red carpet fashion was hit (and many misses), and the show was full of it's usual glits and glamour.  As the elite from the recording world strive to get their hands on this little gold gramophone, it got me to thinking about all that inspires when it comes to the recording industry - the clothes, the colours and the spaces. Hope you enjoy. What do you think is the most inspiring part to these award shows? 

The Osbourne's staircase is lined with Gold and Platinum records - a great music industry variation on the clutter of framed art that is a huge interior trend at the moment.

Vibe Factory recording studio in Copenhagen.  I can really see the Danish inspiration with this studio, really love the simplicity and elegance of this space.

I came across this image a little while ago and saved it to my pinterest account, because I love this idea. What a beautiful piece of large-scale art this blown up sheet of music makes - so simple yet so stunning!

Mirrors & Metallics

Nude & Copper

Black with Gold Accents


  1. Love this whole post Anna, from the brass Grammy-phone, to the framed music sheet: so many great references here! We're starting to work on fitting out a recording studio, and you have given us a terrific set of images to inspire.

  2. Oh Taylor, she was so cute last night. I really liked her performance and that set as well

  3. How cool! Just look at those stairs?!! FAB! What a great post!

  4. Congratulations on the 100th blog, Anna: I look forward to reading many more!


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