Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Scott Frances

Photographer Scott Frances is one talented man! I stumbled upon his website recently and realised that I have been enjoying and gawking over his work for many years through design magazines and designers' websites.  I feel like I have experienced each and every one of the interiors he shoots through his photographs and the fantastic light and feeling he manages to capture. There is an incredible elegance and simplicity to his photographs that have me hooked.  With a beautiful combination of architecture, interiors, details and landscapes, Scott's photos really have something for everyone.  I hope you enjoy the selection and that it helps to inspire your day as it has mine!

All Photos courtesy of Scott Frances Photography


  1. Oh that shower is sexy... I can see why you like this photographer. The last picture is really cool

  2. I really love these images! I'm going to the website now :) Thanks for sharing!


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