Monday, February 27, 2012

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Safari! Well, I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself! In just under two weeks we are heading to South Africa for a holiday I have been looking forward to for ages now! My mother was born in Johannesburg and has not been back in over 30 years.  As she just had a milestone birthday (mom, don't worry, I won't reveal how old you are!!) we thought that a great way to celebrate would be to head back to where it all began. My brother and I (and our significant others) have never been, so it is sure to be a trip we will all remember. Although I am very much looking forward to Joburg and the Cape, it is the time we are spending in the game reserve that I am most excited about.  I have been thinking A LOT about out time on safari lately and thought I would share some fun and stunning inspired images with you.

Guest Post
I am also so happy to announce that today I am with Emma at The Marion House Book talking about my favorite things! Please head over for a look!


  1. That's sounds exciting. Sure you'll have a great time there. Love the your selection of images here.
    And congrats for your amazing guest post!

    Lysann x

  2. oh my - I'm planning a trip with my mom and brother to South Africa for November - I will HAVE To pick your brain when you return

    So so excited for you!

    ps loved your post on the Marion House Book

    1. For sure, absolutely happy to lend whatever insight I have. I am very much looking forward to the trip, it is going to be one to remember!
      Thanks for the kind words on the guest post, I think that Emma's blog is wonderful and was honoured to contribute.

  3. I lived in Cape Town for two years and it was incredible. I travelled a lot throughout southern Africa as well. You will love it - once you breathe the dust of Africa, it never leaves you.


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