Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Queen of Prints

My AD arrived about a week ago but things were just a little too busy for me to sit down and really sink my teeth into the issue.  I finally took a moment to have a read and really enjoyed this issue - it is full of interesting and diverse homes, several of which I am looking forward to posting about, so stay tuned!  Being new to Manhattan I recently discovered the high line and truly think it is one of the most fantastic public spaces the city has to offer. Near the end of the highline in the Meatpacking district, Diane von Furstenberg's headquarters pop up like a stunning beacon of old and new. 
WORKac has converted this old warehouse into a contemporary bright corporate and retail space for this vivacious fashion line.  On the top of the building they have made Diane a contemporary private oasis.  AD featured her apartment here and it is for sure worth a read.  We all know her eclectic style from her fashion line, and it really comes out with the use of pattern, colour and quirky pieces of furniture throughout the space. Her bedroom and master bathroom sit within a glass prism on the very top (see image above and below) giving panoramic views over the city. Diane aesthetic really comes out in this apartment and it really is a gem in the city...lucky lady!

Photos Courtesy of AD

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  1. One of my FAVE spreads from AD as of that Diane lives like she works...amongst so many prints and overall boho this style!

    Peace. Love. LOL!



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