Thursday, February 9, 2012

Town Hall Hotel

I was perusing Yatzer yesterday and came across these amazing images and article on Town Hall Hotel. It is the stunning new boutique hotel to hit London's East end and it has me dying to head back to the land of tea & crumpets for a visit.
Set in the old Bethnal Green Town Hall, Rare architects married the existing Edwardian building with a new extension enveloped in a lazer cut, powder coated aluminum.  The interior is no different with all the original architectural features meticulously restored and new contemporary features installed.  There are glass walls, and minimalist bathrooms & bedrooms suites floating in Edwardian panelled rooms. This hotel is really one for the books and the photos leave me wanting more.  I love love love the integration of old and new and the selection of furniture used throughout. What do you think? Is the contrast between the original building and the new renovation too extreme?

Photos courtesy of Yatzer


  1. Those glass panels are quite unique. Those serve a double purpose, as they provide security to the tenants by removing blind angles and dividers, and contemporary beauty to the place. You're very fortunate to visit a luxurious place like that. I see nothing wrong with the contrast between the original building and the renovated one. It now has a sophisticated look that would provide tenants with a pleasurable stay.

  2. This hotel looks stunning inside and out. The only think I am not sure about is execution of the powder coated aluminum. Do you think it will look sharp or simply like a giant warehouse wall??

    1. I think that the extreme contrast between the old building and new extension is it's strength in terms of the two styles working together. It is hard to tell from the images but the aluminium is cut in such a way that light penetrates through in to the rooms and one gains views out. This patterns that is created in my opinion adds softness to what would be a very heavy looking facade otherwise.


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