Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Glacial Paradise

The incredible French artist and designer Antoine Wygand has teamed up with architect Ronald Toupet to design a room at the Swedish Icehotel of Jukkasjarvi.  They have (appropriately) named the room "Diamond genesis" as they worked the ice into shapes playing on the prism of a diamond's gloss and transparency.  They carved the room out of a shell of ice and even made the bedframe and furniture out of ice - incredible! The room is stark and cold, and I could never have it as a full-time thing, however the idea of a night (or two) in a room and hotel made of ice is so cool! Have you ever stayed at an ice hotel? I would love to hear what that is like!


  1. Wow - that is straight out of a James Bond movie

  2. This is incredibly cool, although I'm not sure if those ice age temperatures can encourage intimacy .. regardless of the furry throw :-)

  3. Love how ice can be so fabulous!
    And loving the blog revamp, looks fab
    x kat

  4. The pictures look really stunning and cool and so it's definitly worth a visit ... but I'm not quite sure about staying over night there.


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