Thursday, February 23, 2012

Janson Goldstein

The work of Architecture and Interiors firm Janson Goldstein is one I have been keeping my eye on for quite some time.  They are a New York based company that approaches each project with an all encompassing design view - each element contributes to the whole.  The use of refined materials (both in architecture and interiors), elegant colour palettes and a wonderful mixture of custom designed pieces with some more unique items, gives their interiors a really comfortable and individualised look.  You can see the client's taste and lifestyles coming through in each of their projects.  With projects ranging from the very modern to the rustic, I feel that Janson Goldstein really can tackle anything that comes their way in a tasteful and refined manner - just look at the elegance of the library below!

All photos courtesy of Janson Goldstein LLP

PS - Apologies to all about the flip flop these last couple of days on the blog design. I am trying out some new things (and thinking about what I learnt in yesterdays Alt Summit class) and so I appreciate your patience.  Any thoughts and recommendations on the layout and design are appreciated - after all you are what make me succeed! Have a great Thursday all!


  1. I do really like this design firm, it really fits in with my taste as well

  2. Love these pics. Especially the shower room with the glossy tiles and the rough wooden ceiling. And the pyramid shaped stools are fab!

  3. the showers are great. the 4th pic looks very French to me, do you know where that project was based??

    1. I agree, it looks like a French farmhouse, but actually it is in Bedford NY. They did a renovation to an existing house and outbuildings on the property. I love how homely and comfortable the house feels while still having incredibly minimalist details.


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