Friday, February 10, 2012

Furniture Fridays

Today Furniture Fridays is written by the wonderful Katie from H2 Design Blog. Not only is this an inspiring blog on all avenues of design, but Katie is half of the incredible husband and wife team behind H2 Design + Build a design and build studio based in Washington.  Her blog is one of my go-tos for inspiration, information and is always well written with lots of eye candy! Katie's aesthetic is clean and elegant with the integrity of the materials and craftsmanship playing a key role in her work. I hope you will all check out her studio and blog. Happy reading!

I have to be honest, when Anna asked me to be a contributor to her favorite piece of furniture guest post series, many exciting and timeless pieces came to mind. To narrow it down, I thought to myself... "what do I really want these days?", and "what fits into my modern vintage with a dash of industrial aesthetic?" And then it hit me! Tom Dixon's industrial Screw Table. That's it!

This versatile table (available in two sizes) can be used as a dining, coffee, or side table, in indoor, outdoor, commercial, or residential settings... Simply put, the screw table can do it all! The table consists of a bomb proof cast iron tripod with an aluminum screw base, which allows you to adjust the height to your heart's content. The table is topped with an elegant, but solid, marble slab. Not to mention, Tom Dixon is one cool designer. 

That said, here it is... Tom Dixon's Screw Table (I wish the name was a little more refined, but you can't have it all!)

Photos courtesy of Tom Dixon


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