Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Touch of Timber

I have always admired Dinesen's floorings and have longed to work with them but have never had the right project.  Well, something has come up at work and it seems that they could be a strong contender. I was on their website pulling images yesterday when I realised my jaw was open and I think I was drooling a bit - that was when I knew I had to share and hopefully inspire some of you as I was.  Their work is amazing and unlike anything I have seen anywhere else (if you know of another supplier like them please let me know) with their timber selection being as close to perfection each and every time.  The first time I walked into the Saatchi Gallery on the Kings Road in London (see first image below) I knew I was walking on one of their floors, and I have been hooked ever since.  I am a particular fan of the large whitewashed or greyed planks, and the figuring that comes out of the wood.  I wanted to share a few of my favorites and hope you all enjoy!

All Photos courtesy of Dinesen

PS - For all of you that are wanting a little more...I highly recommend checking out their blog here


  1. You know that you are torturing me, right? Just before we moved back to Vancouver we were five days away from starting a reno of a Victorian semi that had taken a year to plan. And yes, the floors were wide bleached oak planks. Long long lengths.

    Love these floors!!!

    1. Ha! Great minds think alike! Their timber selection is incredible and the finish is as good as one would expect. I just love the way it looks, would have been an amazing project...

  2. Beautiful... and really natural looking too!


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