Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Little Update

Hi everyone. I am so sorry that I have been absent from the wonderful world that is Canoe Design.  As I mentioned I was in Nantucket last week for the finishing touches of an installation and was scheduled to fly home on Friday morning. Well, things did not go according to plan and due to some serious fog the airport was shut down (with me inside it I might add) and our flight finally took off after 6 hours of delay.  This was not only not conducive to my weekend plans - keep reading - but it also meant that after three very long days of installing the project I was exhausted, and now stuck in an airport the size of my apartment.  To make matter even worse I only had my iPad with me and who knew that posting from the iPad was going to be so challenging?! Clearly I am not as much of a technology master as I originally thought!! I am therefore so sorry that Furniture Fridays this week did not happen and so stay tuned for next week when we have an amazing post from a truly inspiring blogger (not going to give to much away, you'll have to stay tuned!).

It is Memorial Day weekend in the US and so the hubby, pooch and I decided that it would be a great chance to get out of Manhattan.  We have a busy few months coming up with two more installations at work and a trip planned to London for the Olympics that all we wanted to do was get away and have some time to ourselves before the rush that is our life starts up again. We set out in the rental car later that we wanted on Friday and after an adventurous 11 hour drive (it took us 2 just to get out of the city) we were in Ontario, about an hour north of Toronto. We have been really lucky with the weather and have had two beautiful days here just relaxing, eating, walking and enjoying the quiet.  Lina, our Italian Greyhound, doesn't know what to do with all the space and grass to run and we are enjoying seeing her really stretch out and get to her full speed - FAST!

There are some exciting things on the horizon with posts - this week I'll be publishing a friend from Edinburgh's incredible renovation.  For now enjoy a couple of pics from the weekend and see you tomorrow to start a brand new week.

A x

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  1. Oh you're going to London for the Olympics? I'm so terribly jealous. I hope you travel safe and sound and enjoy the long weekend


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