Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Quick Hello

This week has been a little crazy at work trying to get the design development side of a project done as well as working out the installation for another.  I have really been enjoying the work at my new digs and it is great to be working in the US market after only ever working in Europe and the Middle East.  Growing up in Canada I am aware of how large North America is, however it really sinks in when I see how different the projects I am working on are that span the country.  The vernacular of the landscape is different, the architecture varies and the client's intent for the houses is different from East to West coast.  I have to say that this is part of the design job that I love the most - no two projects are ever the same!

With this being said I find myself rushing into the office for a meeting and therefore not spending as much time with you today as I would have like to.  I am excited for this week's Furniture Fridays guest (you'll have to check back tomorrow to see who is here) and am looking forward to the weekend - here is to hoping that it doesn't rain all weekend long!  

We are trying to plan something for Memorial Day weekend and I wondered if any of you had some suggestions? Initially we thought to head south for some sun, but it seems that everyone has had the same idea and so flights are a little astronomical and so now we are thinking of exploring something a little closer to home - maybe somewhere we can drive to and take the dog? Any and all recommendations are welcome as I think Manhattan is going to have a mass exodus on the 25th.

Hope you are all having a great week.
A x

PS - I chose the image at the top because aside from it being one of my favorite designers Olivier Lempereur, there is something about the simplicity of the materials and palette that I am finding very inspiring. Not to mention the complexity of the details and their perfect execution.

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