Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Château for Two

Oober design power couple Daniel Beauchemin and Marc de Laat has decided to trade their time in Manhattan with a simple château in the countryside not far from Eindhoven in the Netherlands.  You may remember Beauchemin from his days at Drake Design Associates or as the owner of one of NYC's most prestigious framers Chelsea Frames and de Laat's real-estate career has been anything but boring as a segway to photography and graphic design.   These two seem to have had it all figured out, and to be quite honest are a great case study in how I want the next twenty years to go!  

Last month Elle Decor did a feature on their new digs and I was inspired.  The house is stunning first of all - with a real homage back to it's heritage as it was originally built in 1864 for a member of the royal court, there are classical features such as white painted stone exterior, a corner turret with a steep pitched roof, and amazing architectural bones inside.  With an incredible collection of vintage furniture pieces (check out the Wassily chairs below on the left) that they have each been collecting for decades, and their perfectly framed art that flank the walls (see last image of the master bedroom), they have really created an incredible property with one space flowing nicely into the next.  This 500 acre property is a true escape from the concrete jungle that is New York City, however after spending last weekend amongst the greenery of Connecticut I can see the appeal and desire for something different.

All Photos courtesy of Elle Decor, Photographer Eric Piasecki

On a not so side note, I am so thrilled to be over with Sandra at Raincoast Cottage writing for her feature Where We Create.  Sandra and I have met through this wonderful world of social media and she has been a true support and friend for me.  So head over and have a look and be sure to stay a while!


  1. Glad you could take part! I do believe that you have something unique here with your blog. It's lovely.

    And what a chateau - that would be a wonderful life, eh? No matter how settled I am, I feel like there is a new adventure around the corner. It might not be a chateau in France but it'll be something...

  2. Congrats buddy, great post over at Raincoast Cottage, the Eames look fabulous!
    x kat


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