Friday, May 11, 2012

Furniture Fridays

Hello and welcome to another wonderful week and another amazing Furniture Fridays post! I am so thrilled to have Kelly from Young, Broke & Decorating. Not only does Kelly write as the voice of the ever creative YBD but she also offers online design services to fit any budget.  YBD is an amazing insight into all things design and Kelly shares her fantastic eye and knowledge of the industry with us all.  Recently she was nominated as one of Boutique Design magazine's top 18 up-and-coming young interior designers - Congratulations Kelly!!

Hello Canoe Design!  Kelly here.  Furniture Friday!  Fun.  Fun.  Oh how to choose.  So many I do love.  But, if I must – I will admit to a recent ooogling over a fabulous little Lucite desk chair spotted while scouring Los Angeles vintage stores for goodies.  I couldn’t help but want a little Lucite in my life.  So simple.  So perfect.  How could I have forgotten about this lovely?  Because, just a touch of Lucite is all you need.  Let’s see how it’s done. 

It has many names.  Lucite.  Acrylic.  Perspex.  Plexiglas.  It works in many spaces.  Modern.  Traditional.  Rustic.  It can be many things.  A pop of crisp, clean lines in an over the top space.  A little bit of glamour and chic-ness in a masculine room.  A visual break in a small apartment.  Let’s try it.  Desk.  Coffee table.  Chair.  Side table.  Clearly I’ve fallen.  For lovely Lucite.  Here are a few lovers just for you.  And in true YB&D form, there are even some affordable lovers.  Happy decorating, Kelly.


  1. I love Lucite. It always makes the space look so light and airy. Beautiful. Have a lovely weekend. /Niki :)


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