Thursday, May 31, 2012

Creemore, Ontario

Last weekend we were fortunate enough to escape to the country for three days of rest and relaxation.  We spent the weekend about an hour north of Toronto not too far from a small town called Creemore.  As we were in need of groceries and wanted to take a little tour around the area we set off on Saturday morning for the small town. With a population not much more than a thousand, this was the epitome of small town Ontario.  Best known for Creemore Springs brewery we quickly discovered that there was more in this tiny town that we had originally expected. The farmers market was full of local farmers selling their beautiful fresh produce and meats and as we took a tour around the town we fell more and more in love with it and its charm.  The main street was lined with two story buildings all with really interesting and creative signage, and with the town being in the middle of farm country there was an incredible store called the 100 Mile Store - which as you can guess is dedicated to local products and produce.  We really enjoyed our time away and it was just the break that we needed.  Although the drive was a little far for us I cannot wait to go back hopefully soon.


  1. It looks so beautiful and quaint there!

  2. Creemore has an amazing toy store called Cardboard Castles. Worth a visit!

  3. I had the design craft studio diagonally across from the brewery for 23 years, We created the signs in village.
    Glad you liked them. :)


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