Friday, May 18, 2012

Furniture Fridays

Welcome everyone to Furniture Fridays! Today I am so happy to have Ranu from Sunshine Girl here to share her favorite pick with us.  A fellow New York resident and blogger about all things food, design, travel and life, Ranu has a great eye and I am always finding something new and interesting to be inspired by. Thank you so much Ranu for spending some time with us and sharing such a unique piece!

I'm a big fan of furniture and am so glad Anna asked me to be a part of this series. Thanks Anna! Now, onto my furniture pick. First off, as a young professional who's mostly renting and on somewhat of a budget, I find it hard to make big furniture investments since it's difficult to predict what my future home will be like. However, I am also in the process of trying to make smarter, more long-term purchase decisions throughout my life too. 

One thing I know is that if I had a corner that was begging for a chair, I would fill it with this one from Organic Modernism. I love the unique shape and the color of the wood paired with the turquoise cushion. I love that it's made right here in the U.S.A. But mostly, I am totally in love with the gold dipped legs. This chair had me as soon as I discovered it, and I hope to be able to add it to my furniture collection sometime soon.

Chair available through Organic Modernism


  1. Wow, that is one super hot chair

  2. We love this chair!!! The color, the design, everything!

    Greetings from Madrid,

    Melissa, Vitoria & Michelle
    Atelier Decor

  3. Modern Furniture are the most important part of our home decoration. Furniture can be a product of design & is considered a form of decorative art.

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