Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Annie Turner

I have been very fortunate to grow up around artists and design, however it took me well into my design degree to realize how lucky I really was.  I remember my mother always had wonderful ceramic pieces around the house as objects and was given stunning pottery bowls and kitchenware as gifts for every occasion. When I was growing up these never really meant a whole lot to me, however now that I am working on some incredible interior design projects and am looking for unique art objects I keep coming back to things that remind me of my home.

There is a wonderful design fair put on every year by the British Craft Council called Collect.  When we were living in London I used to go and always found new and interesting artists' work that truly inspired me.  Unfortunately this year as we are no longer in London I was not able to go; however a friend who went sent me some photos that made me swoon.  Annie Turner is an artist whose work I have admired for years.  Although she works in ceramics she has a series of woven pieces that defies everything I think ceramics should and can be.  Her work was on display here in the city at Sofa NYC in April, and I would highly recommend having a look at her work in person whenever you might have the chance.

Photo 1 via Contemporary Applied Arts, Photos 2 though 6 via Joanna Bird


  1. I'd love to see these in person. I like when people do unusual things with materials like ceramics. Always a hint of the domestic and then something unexpected.

    Sounds like a great show as well - do you think you'll make a trip next year to see it?

    There's a photography show in Toronto for the entire month of May - Contact. Millions in attendance and venues all over the city. I miss it too!


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