Monday, May 7, 2012

Inspired By

The Cranberries!  Last Wednesday we were very fortunate to be given a pair of tickets to see The Cranberries play at Terminal 5 here in NYC. Let me start off by saying what a blast from the past that was! From the moment they came on stage and started to play I was instantly transported to high school listening to them blasting over a stereo in a friend's basement - oh the memories! Anyways, it led me to thinking about the 90s and what were the things I remembered (movies, fashion, technology - check our the iMac below) and inevitably the shade of red taken from these lovely little berries as I now spend 90% of my time living and breathing design. Cranberries (as a fruit) are mostly a reference for the holidays and so one inevitably thinks of colder times when incorporating them into interiors and design.  This isn't necessarily the case, and as the images below show, a little or a lot can go a long way. Hope you all have a wonderful week and this little pop of colour inspires your day! 

And of course who can talk about the 90s without remembering the ladies of Clueless. An ode to grunge with the plaid skirt and a few little pops of cranberry in there for good measure!


  1. Love the colors of our past, that always seem to find their back to our future.

  2. Nice nod to Clueless at the end!


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