Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wrap it Up

The holidays are a great time of year where everyone seems to be in a good mood, we spend time with friends and get excited about receiving some new goodies to play with! I love wrapping stations (see post here) and am totally inspired by wonderfully wrapped and presented gifts.  As we near the holidays I thought I would share some wrapping which really makes me smile. It doesn't need to be complicated, but for me the most important is that all these show some thought behind them - makes me feel that much more special to know that a little time was spent making the gift that much more special.

Some great ideas with craft paper below - a simple set of fabric strips wrapped around as bows, or adding an old photo to the front - give you an interesting, easy and trendy gift.

Another very simple and inexpensive solution with some craft paper is this - by just adding some branches and string the end result is smart and interesting.  I love the stamped luggage tag as a label.

I love the use of this sheet music as paper - simple, yet interesting - and with the addition of the bells the present will make it's own music while you unwrap it...brilliant!

Another idea with craft paper is to create your own design by stamping images, letters or patterns onto the paper - I just love the white ink!

I have always loved the idea of wrapping with fabric. Whether it is a piece you have left-over from a DIY project, or it is part of the overall gift, there is something so warm and tactile that makes it a truly lovely way to wrap.


Marbling is very "in" at the moment and there are some incredible papers out there - both old and new - that really look wonderful. It adds a little colour to the wrapping and makes for a very visually beautiful gift.

Now that cars and phone are equipped with GPS systems road maps have become a little obsolete.  So in the spirit of re-using why not wrap your gifts in them this holiday season? Makes for interesting wrapping paper and I love the idea of being able to admire and examine the map at the same time.

And finally, so simple and so elegant - white paper with a custom ribbon!


  1. I wish I were so organized that presents were bought and wrapped beautifully in time to be displayed under the tree... I seem to leave everything to the last minute and never have a chance to be creative. I'm saving these inspired ideas for next year!

  2. Wonderful! Thank you for your comment and so lovely to meet anyone who loves to wrap too. Happy Holidays. XO

  3. LOVE the map idea! good thing i put off gift wrapping so long!


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