Saturday, December 3, 2011

Quintessentially New York

Our Friday night tradition of visiting different Manhattan bars has been on hiatus because of all the travelling I have been doing.  Last night we continued our tradition and visited the bar at The London Hotel.  We were feeling a little sentimental about London (it's been 4 months since we left) and I was curious to take a peek at a David Collins Studio interior.

While it is a quintessential DCS space - mirrors, high gloss black lacquer, studded leather - I was quite disappointed at the lack of attention to detail and somebasic mistakes being made. There were unfinished details being reflected in mirrors and the junctions between finishes weren't great, however the cocktails were yummy and the people watching was pretty good (saw Shauna from Entourage). I don't think that we will go back but it did scratch that London glitzy bar itch I had.


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