Monday, December 19, 2011

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Tartan!  There is something so festive about tatran, and how it always makes me think of the holidays.  With so many different patterns, colours and scales, there really is an endless supply to chose from, and a tartan that works with any interior.  Many interior furnishing companies have come out in recent years with lines featuring wallpapers, fabrics and accessories in many different plaids.  As we prepare for the holidays and now that winter is upon us, perhaps it is time to consider adding some tartan to ones life - what do you think?

The Grill at the Dorchester Hotel in London is a tartan filled wonder with walls, floors and furniture covered in all different patterns and colours.

I love the idea of having framed tartan fabrics as a collage on this wall.

This is a great example of where a more 'traditional' patterned fabric such as tartan gets a new kick by covering modern pieces of furniture.  I love the Eames chair done in a pattern like this (image on right).

In the spirit of the holidays here are some decorations and wrapping ideas with some simple elegant plaid fabric.

Bright Bazaar

By mixing different patterns all in the same tone you get a really interesting look to the interior and it adds a little something extra to the space. 

Garry Cohn

Finally who could forget how cute our four-legged friends look in tartan. I just love this little coat and how dapper this guy looks.



  1. Tartan always reminds me of the holidays too! In fact I saw some tartan stockings the other day that were so gorgeous! Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you for the comment on my blog and Charlotta's blog. I loved to a guest post for her... would love to do more! Are you are ready for Christmas? I'm so excited! 6 day... woooohoooo! :)
    Great post above... love love love the tartan fabric wall covering... so pretty :)
    Stu xxxx

  3. I love tartan. I know it's classic/timeless/much older than this, but it always makes me think of Charlotte in Sex and the City with the McDougal plaid :)


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