Wednesday, December 7, 2011

AD Top 100 - Part 2

Following from yesterday's post, here is the next installment of my top three in Architectural Digest's Special Issue AD100 top Architects and Interior Designers.

This Manhattan based architectural studio specializes in the use of innovative materials and solving unique and difficult design problems. They create new modern structures each being as innovative and boundary pushing with materials and design details as the next.  However, when it comes to refurbishing an existing building or structure they are very respectful of the original architectural language and period - a quality I find very important. I love their refurbishment of  a 19th century English farmhouse (first two images below), it really is my ideal country retreat!


  1. That English farmhouse is fabulous and love the use of space and light. We've been pouring over the new AD100 list and loving what Margaret Russell brings to the table... The new members on the list are worth exploring! Thanks for stopping by The Buzz today!
    The Buzz Blog

  2. Anna - Im a huge fan of your blog... you have a fantastic eye for design! And I totally agree that Atelier AM are Great designers and most definitely one of my personal favourites :)
    Stu x


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