Friday, December 2, 2011

Decorations all Round

We are well in the swing of the holiday season (even though it only officially started yesterday) and I am sure many of you are starting to get your homes decorated. As the holidays are a time for entertaining a good place to start the decorations is outside by having a wreath.  Not matter what holiday you celebrate having a wreath adds a little festive cheer to the season.  I am a firm believer in thinking outside the box and so here are some great, unconventional and super creative wreath ideas.

Wreath in blue and white made from yarn and felt - Made by Itz Fitz on Etsy

Wallnut wreath - from Martha Stewart

Twig and pinecone wreath - from The Marion House Book

Multicolour felt ball wreath - from Pickles

 DIY wreath made from christmas decorations - Created by Emily Loves

And if you wanted to think even further outside the box, here is a super creative wreath made by a close friend - it is a foam ring with folded pages of a book....LOVE IT! She got her inspiration from this Apartment Therapy post.


  1. That argyle wreath is ingenious! What a fabulous idea for preppy chic style...great post!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  2. Brilliant diy on the last one, think I might attempt this one! When I finally sort out my "12 days of Christmas", I'll come back to this post
    xx ktrins

  3. The ball wreath is so much fun. Thanks for stopping by today!


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