Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Place to Work

I am at my computer most of the day so it is important for me to have a space that acts as a little home office/study.  We have a 'small' Manhattan apartment and therefore I am not lucky enough to have a separate study to work from and so I have had to carve out a nice little working space at our dining table. With all the reference material around me that I could need and a great amount of light coming though the window - something I think is a must if you are going to be sat at a computer all day - I really feel quite cozy and comfortable here. What are your home-office essentials?

Here is the view out of our window. We are on the west side just above mid-town so it is nice to have the morning sun coming in the window and the eastern skyline - we can even see a sliver of the Times Square ball!


  1. I'm in love with that dining table of yours, and just showed this post to my boyfriend and that is also the first thing he said. I'm moving to London soon, and also work from home. I'll remember the top tip of having plenty of light coming in when I'm flat hunting :)

  2. @Jessie in Fashion Limbo
    Thanks Jessie. We actually bought the table in London from a place called Gathering Moss. They make great furniture and will make pieces to your design and specification too.

  3. Was browsing your lovely blog (as I "work" from home too) and saw your amazing egg light and instantly brought back great memories. I agree, it's so important that your work space is both comfortable and inspiring and having your favourite things around you is definitely a huge help!


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