Monday, December 12, 2011

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Snow!  Well the Alps to the north of Nice are all beautiful and snow covered, and even though the city is mild and sunny one really does have the sense that it is winter!  It has started to snow in many places and I keep seeing posts on Facebook about how much snow is falling and cities being transformed into real winter wonderlands! I love how crisp and magical everything looks in a blanket of fresh fallen snow and have been looking longingly at the mountains trying to work out when I can hit the slopes! Here are some things I think about when it comes to snow and winter.

Cashmere for the home - blankets, pillows and hot water bottle covers - there is something so wonderful and wintery about it.

Of course snow (and cashmere) make me think of skiing and ski chalets.  This amazing chalet is a perfect mix of old rustic meeting new. 

Jean Royere has created amazing furnishings and I have always enjoyed his club chairs covered in mohair fabric. So soft and comfortable to sit in.

I just love this etherial fabric scheme from Pollack Associates.  The lightness of the sheer on top and the palette of the silver, cream and white fabrics just make me think of a snowy winter.

Snow and winter make me want to go to the spa - nothing more indulgent for me than sitting in a warm pool surrounded by snow.  For me the ultimate would be The Theme Vals Spa in Switzerland by Peter Zumthor.  It is an incredibly modern building with indoor treatment rooms and outdoor pools. Incredible view!

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For all of you that currently have snow, keep warm and remember to ENJOY!


  1. i second katrina on the chalet - b eauutt.. and some days at that spa would be verry sweet indeed

  2. Winter whites whether in home decor or in fashion are some of my favorites and I think I need a day at that spa before the holiday craze gets to me!

  3. absolutely loved all of the images! the 2 chalets are amazing... they have done a great job with the colours on the joint in the beam at the back of the rustic pic. Amazing! thanks.

  4. @RM
    Yeah, I love the beams - and the contrast with the modern kitchen is my idea of heaven!


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