Friday, December 30, 2011

A Place to Work 2

Following on from my post yesterday here, I have been thinking about interesting places to work and the environments people set-up to inspire them.  Whether the space allows one person or several people to sit, a clean, simple space seems to be a reoccurring theme that draws me in. Here are some great images of working space that inspire me - how about you?




  1. Great places to work and to enjoy the time, you spend there - when you're working at home, then it's really important to have an really inspiring and comfortable place. Love a spaces with clean lines, monochrome colors and lots aof natural light.

    Have a very happy, exciting and brilliant NEW YEAR with lots of joy and happiness, love and inspiration.

    Lysann x

  2. I really like these work environments. They are so fresh, clean, and simple. The hook on the side of the Mac computer to hold the headphones are a great idea! Happy 2012, can't wait to follow you into the New Year.

  3. My office needs a LOT of work, and this is a great inspiration for me! Just came across your blog and now following...

  4. the brick house looks more like a dream house! so clean/cozy, awesome design.


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