Tuesday, December 6, 2011

AD Top 100 - Part 1

Well my January 2012 Special Issue of Architectural Digest arrived in the mail (yay!) and it is The New AD100! This is probably my favorite issue as it showcases the top 100 architects and designers in the industry - according to AD.  I love reading through all the companies profiles and thought I would do a mini feature and over the next three days highlight my top three pics! So stay tuned and let me know who made the top of your list.

Alexandra and Michael Misczynski head-up this Los Angeles based Interior Design company.  With a clean simple palett and an eye for detail this duo creates serene interiors that are elegant, refined and homely.  They have an eye for mixing the right amount of found pieces and antiques with custom furnishings tailoring each project to their clients needs - and an A-list celebrity clientele they have! Their interiors are truly beautiful and after less than ten years in the industry these two are definitely on my radar.


  1. What a brilliant painting in the "design to inspire" space. I love all the texture.

  2. love those exposed logs in the second last photo - what a room! where is it? (the mountains in the back are fabulous!)

  3. @Katherine (Ottawa)
    The house is in Aspen Colorado. It was in the December issue if AD and I drooled my way through the article. For sure worth a read!


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